Please provide the information below to get checked in for your flight:

Booking Reference: Last Name:

  • Please proceed to the Dana Air check-in counter with your boarding pass & a valid photo ID for verification / stamping no later than 30 minutes prior to departure of the flight

  • You will have to present the boarding pass to security and to Dana Airlines Boarding Staff  as you board the aircraft

  • If you have any check-in baggage, please present your bags along with a valid photo ID to our airport check-in counter well in advance of your boarding time

  • Once you have checked in or you have printed your boarding pass you will not be able to make any changes online on our website

  • For any changes to your check-in status please contact our airport check-in counter along with copies of your printed boarding pass well in advance of the flight departure time

  • Reservations are subject to cancellation if you are not on board the aircraft at least 10 minutes prior to departure. All existing no-show rules apply.

  • All existing terms and conditions, cancellation & baggage rules and allowances apply

  • The boarding gates will close 10 minutes before departure, so in order to help us ensure an on-time departure, please clear security checks at least 30 minutes before the flight departure.

Check what's in your baggage

Leave these at home

The following items are prohibited from all baggage.

Acids Acids Poisons Poisons Flammable liquids Flammable liquids
Explosives Explosives Bleach Bleach Matches lighter Matches / lighter
Incapacitating sprays Incapacitating 
Ignitable gas devices Ignitable gas 
Compressed gas Compressed 

Firearms in checked baggage must be declared and unloaded.  Passengers failing to declare firearms or transporting loaded firearms are subject to a civil penalty of up to $10,000. Passengers with checked baggage may be asked to present identification and/or permit inspection of their checked baggage. Passengers refusing to present identification and/or permit checked baggage inspection may not be transported. This notice is issued in accordance with NCAA in the interest of public safety. 

Hand baggage only

You cannot pack these items into your checked baggage. They need to be packed into your hand baggage. There are some exceptions. Just ask us if you have any questions.

Lithium batteries
Lithium batteries

Sharp items

Any sharp items like razors and scissors should be packed in your checked in baggage.Some scissors are allowed in hand luggage - check our full dangerous articles page for details.

Scissors should be less than 6cm length


Any liquids, gels or pastes in your hand luggage must not exceed 100ml in any quantity.Please keep them in a see-through, sealable plastic bag - you'll need to show them at security.

Liquids bottles should be less than 100 ml and must fit in less than 20 cm into 20 cm packet

Your baggage does NOT contain dangerous goods

To continue online check in, your baggage must comply with the dangerous goods restrictions detailed above.

By clicking the option below, you confirm your baggage does not carry any restricted items.

Your baggage contains dangerous goods

Should your baggage carry any dangerous items listed above, you will be unable to check in online.

Either remove them or check in at the airport.